What this site is about

This site is a place where I can document things I have figured out, this is more for me, but others might find it of use. I am a long time Linux user started out using Linux in 1995 when there wasn’t even web sites or very little. Linux was more of a curiosity back than, now it is my main OS that I use every day.

About me

I have been in the Telecommunications industry for over 30 years. I first started out working for a Motorola service shop in Grand Junction Colorado called Red Crawfords where I installed and maintained two-way radio systems and microwaves radio systems. After that I went to work for a PBX manufacture called ROLM for 15 years. They built the first digital PBX my first position was a field technician. After about one year I was promoted to 2nd level field support and then my last position was Sales Engineer supporting the sales team. My current job is as a Sales Engineer for CenturyLink where I sell and design networks for the Federal Government my primary customer is the Veterans Affairs I sell and design networks for the VA nationwide.

When not at work I enjoy the outdoors backing packing in the Rocky’s to dirt biking on single track mountain trial. Also a scuba diver been all over the world. When night falls or the weather is bad I’m playing with Linux or my latest interest is the Raspberry Pi. I’m building a home monitoring system starting out with security, but will include home automation as well. Which I will document on this site.


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